Frédéric Woelffel

Back-end engineer

I'm a Node.js expert and javascript/typescript developer, fluent with Nestjs.



  • NestJSx organization

    July 2019

    I've had the chance to join the NestJSx team on github. I'll do my best to make my stay there worthwhile and help the NestJS' ecosystem to thrive!

  • JDEV 2017

    July 2017

    The JDEV, which stands for "national development (as in software development) days", is a French convention bringing software engineer and research engineer together. This year, it took place in Marseille and I went there to give a speech about countinuous integration in a microservices environment and animate two Docker workshops.

  • Strasbourg's 2016 Hacking Health Camp

    March 2016

    Hacking Health Camp is an international event dedicated to breaking down the barriers of innovation in healthcare. It includes the largest european hackathon on healthcare. My team came up with a new proposal for the evaluation of surgical risks related to the body fat location and was rewarded with the "best clinical solution" award. This was the most challenging hackathon I've taken part in and I'm still proud of what we've accomplished there.

  • Nuit de l'info

    December 2013 & 2015

    The "Nuit de L'info" is another yearly French students competition taking place from dusk till dawn. Revolving around a common subject, teams have to build a complete web application while completing challenges submitted by partner companies. I've always had a nice time there and my team was even ranked 3rd (country-wise) in a design challenge in 2015!

  • 24h des IUT Informatique

    April 2012

    The "24h des IUT Informatique" is a yearly French competition bringing together teams of students from all over France every year. This was my first hackathon and, despite being ranked 16th out of 32, it was a rewarding experience.


November 2019 - Current

Backend engineer
Mansa - Paris, France
A new era begins with the creation of the Borrowing as a Service (BaaS) by Mansa. We believe that it's time to set the record straight by allowing freelancers and gig workers borrow money with fair pricing and a genuine user experience. Mansa was founded by millennials who believe that the traditional economy is shifting towards the freelance and gig world. By being extremely focused on product, coding and data, the Mansa team wants to build a strong tech culture and fix freelancers personal finance once for all.

September 2016 - October 2019

R&D engineer
IHU Institute of Image-Guided Surgery Strasbourg - Strasbourg, France
Backend design and implementation of the "control tower" part of the CONDOR project. Like in aeronautics, this projects aims, among others, at the development of a “control tower" of operating rooms via new real-time steering, communication, recording, exploitation and automatization applications.

September 2013 - August 2016

IRCAD France - Strasbourg, France
Backend design and implementation of a custom storage system tailored for the data produced by the IRCAD R&D team's research activities.

April 2013 - June 2013

CIC-IT Nancy - Nancy, France
Design and implementation of a plugin providing semi-automated MRI artifacts detection and quantification for ORS Visual, a medical imaging solution.


September 2013 - January 2016

Engineering degree in computer science
Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers - Eckbolsheim, France

September 2011 - June 2013

Two year university degree in computer science
IUT Saint-Dié - Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, France
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